Sunday, December 11, 2005

catching up....

well, this past month has been focused on john. at his memorial, i wore the "i'm rick james bitch" tshirt he got me under a button up shirt. after his memorial, which was standing room only and spilling out of the hosts house, my family and his went to the golden bear in oakland. we had a drink in his honor.

i mentioned the stones show in an earlier post. i took my mom to the first one. they did a pretty standard war horse set, BUT the playing was top notch and mick seemed to really be digging it, hitting notes i've noit heard him hit in bootlegs. the highlights of show 1 were: tumbling dice (which i actually hate, but mick's voice was sooo good), get off my cloud, rain fall down, rough justice n paint it black. metallica was really good, but i wanted to hear for whom the bell tolls. and i don't understand why they bothered to cover that bob seger song.

2nd stones show the performance wasn't as strong, but they did she's so cold and shattered, both of whgich i was waiting for during the first show and didn't get. and metallica did for whom the bell tolls!

work has been crazy, but we hired 2 new people to spread out the work.

i was in riverside, ca for thanksgiving. it was weird being in suburbia, but at he same time nice to get driven to doorways. i stayed from tues - sat.

on saturday, erika and brian drove me to my friends matt n adam's house in long beach. they've done an amazing job making what was adam's grandma's house into a 50s meets modern decor. we all had dinner there too. i stayed through wed morn.

the last time i was in long beach it was a crazy boozy party, plus i saw pat benatar at lb pride. this time we just chilled, saw harry potter, and i discovered the thrill of dvrs. because of that, i upgraded my comcast subscription to include it.

our household got a new cat, a hurricane katrina kitty. we were tossing around names, one being gumbo. one thing this cat does is lick himself bald. his back legs are hairless. and thus was born sir licks-a-lot.

well, i think that's bout it for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want one of those ham sandwich's that your friends made!!!!

11:24 AM  

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