Friday, July 21, 2006

san diego day one

got in last night on what seemed the only non-delayed flight on southwest. i got to oakland airport early in hopes of snaging an earlier flight, but it turned out those were all delayed as were flights to ontario and burbank. in fact one plane was ready to board, but then 5 minutes before letting people on the attendant anounced that the pilot had an issue and that the flight would be delayed an hour as that was the soonest an available pilot could get there!

got into the hotel about 9, grabbed wendy's--which my coworker forbade-and hit long's for supplies.

I was very lazy and didn't leave the hotel till noon. Like a tonto I walked to the convention center and thus wore out my ankles. I went right to the DC Booth, but it was crowded with people trying to get autographs. I parked it on this bench/stage thing that was in the booth. This cute girl came up and asked if i could make room for her. We both commented on how it was too early to be tired.

I texted my friend Bill that i was going to the PRISM comics booth. He met me there. I have to say this year, both times i hit the booth I didn't find the folks to be that friendly. My friend Valentin had the same experience I did, where the person behind the table was handing out stickers left and right but didn't offer us one. I had to ask to get my damn rainbow sticker.

Bill and I walked the floor briefly before catching the JSA/JLA panel where we met up with his bf Valentin. Like most the panels this year, I found them lacking in info. What info that was divulged were merely confirmations of internet rumors. Newsarama covered the event here. They didn't mention that Geoff Johns confirmed Obsidian is gay.

The other highlight of my day was seeing the opening of Richard Donner's version of Superman II.

Met up with my friend Pete and we grabbed a pedal cab back to the hotel. We both drooled over the friendly Polish cabbie.


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