Sunday, June 04, 2006


Well, i already mentioned why I didn't enjoy Madge to the fullest. But what I did find sooo cute was the woman with Down's Syndrome 2 seats away, who would giggle whenever Madonna cussed or when Madonna went down the catwalk, would jump up and wave while screaming "Hi Madonna!"

I'm really groovin off the Gnarls Barkley CD, which sounds like Let's Take It To the Stage-Tales of Kid Funkadelic era Funkadelic. I also love this pic of them as Cheech & Chong. i love the first single, but fave my song off the CD is "Just a Thought."

Still dwellin on the guy. Gawd I hate that. But just not over him and its all i can do to even leave the bed/house to get to work. Yesterday my sister & her fiance came over, they dragged me out the house for dinner in North Beach. Jaegers House of something. It was good food, and there was a blues band playing. This morning my sister took off on the AIDS bike ride thing. I donated $300.


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