Friday, November 17, 2006

bone scan

Made it to the clinic at 8:30 am to get a bone scan, and no one was in the room I was supposed to go in. The door was locked and lights out. I parked it in a chair and text-messaged my frustration to friends.

Just before 9 the tech came. She apologized and had me sit down while she prepped the radioactive solution they were going to inject.

the tech was a total sf athletic lezzie and i could imagine her enjoying volleyball and tennis and jogging.

"this is the hard part," she said before she put the needle in my vein.

"no," i replied, "the hard part will be taking the tape off my arm"

this made her giggle a bit.

I came back later in the day for the actual scan. i basically lied down on a platform and two screen things scanned my body from toe to head. it took about 30 minutes to complete, i was asleep after 2 minutes. i hope i didn't snore.

after it was done, i asked the tech if i could see the pics since i never saw one before. seeing my skeleton was trippy. the sad part was the shadow of a homer simpson body around it.

the tech sed "i'm not a dr so i'm not giving any advice but just by looking at this i see hot spots here n here n here"

And damn if they were the exact spots where i been hurtin! things the scan showed that an xray couldn't!

anyhoo, i see the sexy bear cub chilean dr the monday after thanksgiving for follow up.


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