Wednesday, March 28, 2007

laundry outsourcing

I started doing laundry last Saturday. I've been spoiled. At the old apartment James and I had our own washer/dryer; so it wasn't uncommon for us to start a load one day, finish it the next day, and then pick our clothes out the dryer through the week. After a few years of being married by rent control, we even mixed our piles of clothes together and did them all together.

But here in the new place, Everett and I share one washer/dryer with 2 other units. And it's coin-operated. So that along with the fact I hate to do laundry, I got a bug up my azz and looked online for any Wash/Fold services in my neighborhood. Through that I wondered "hey, I get groceries and Chinese food delivered. I wonder if there's a laundry service like that?" Lo and behold, I discovered a handful of places. I read reviews on unaffiliated websites like Yelp!, etc and picked Alabaster Cleaners because the reviews were great and they had after-work hours.

Monday morning I put in an order for a pick up that night, and delivery the next day. I separated my laundry by wash & fold and a few items as Wash & Press. For Wash & Press I had my button up shirts -- I even threw in a few non-dirty but wrinkled-as-hell ones-- and 2 sheet sets. Getting the ironed sheet sets back was nice, but expensive. i'll do them as regular Wash & fold next time and see how they come out.


Anonymous matt said...

spoiled bitch.

5:26 AM  
Blogger Lito Sandoval said...

exscoo me?? i'm not lucky enuff to have a hubby at home to do the laundry como tu!

10:35 AM  

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