Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Rock vs Rap

On an email list I'm on, a discussion came up where members were trying to pinpoint rap's roots/precursors. Statements were bandied about like: "I like to point out Jefferson Airplane's Plastic Fantastic Lover as an early rap song," "Dylan's Subterranaen homesick Blues is the first rap song," "Isn't Blondie's rapture the first rap song?"

I found it very weird that they were trying to point rap's roots to white rock-n-roll.

The other faction was of course rap sucks, I call it crap etc.

My response to the group was (italics were added to this post as i think more about it):

"I found the postings odd trying to point rap to Dylan, Blondie or the Airplane-- all of whom I love. But its unlikely that the folks in the rap/hip hop movement heard these folks beyond the Top 40 hits. Also Blondie's Rapture is a tribute to the culture that Fab 5 Freddy introduced them to.

What I do find interesting is pointing out Dylan's song, because in retrospect I can see it as a pre-cursor to rap, a sort of proto-rap. It has the heavy rhyming scheme that drives the song as opposed to verse chorus verse. But I wouldn't point it to the development of rap music as we know it today.

I also find it sad that folks still use that "(c)rap" line from George [Harrison].
It just smacks of fuddy duddiness or a tad racist like the anti-disco movement.
There are some amazing rap artists out there, its too bad the record companies only
like to push the gangster bling-bling artists like 50 cent. (Kanye is a great producer, but a mediocre rapper in my book.)"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's pretty lame. why even spend the time trying to figure that out? just let it be and white people need to stop taking credit for everything. hahaha bob dylan didnt make the blues.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you'd make a better Supreme Court Judge than Alito, maybe I'll have Feinstein nominate you. Save the outfit you'll need it for the swearing in ceremony......Miguel.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob dylan is the greatest artist in music history.

6:55 AM  

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