Friday, January 13, 2006

Censorship on MySpace?

I noticed a friend's band profile was missing. I contacted him and he showed me the canned email that myspace sends. There was nothing on the band profile that violated those terms. I believe they were singled out solely for their name: Child Pornography. (I admit not the best name, but it does fall in line with the punk aesthetic of pushing boundaries and trying to get a rise out of people.)

How thoroughly was their profile searched? Because if an audit was conducted, one would find that the band never has and never will endorse the exploitative violation of child pornography. Nor do they advocate the corruption of minors. Were pictures looked at? Songs listened to?

I hope that in the future myspace take a closer look at profiles before deciding to delete them in a knee-jerk reaction.

You had a genuine band promoting their music and shows and you deleted them. Yet other profiles are clearly spam and looking to promote their pay-per-view webcams, but these are allowed. (Look at my blocked list if you want an example of those.)

Lito Sandoval


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nicely written. Damn those bastards!!

2:19 PM  
Blogger Matt Armendariz said...

Call me old (I realize you will anyway) but I have always thought it was a terrible name for a band. Yes, it gets a reaction, but it seems to miss Marketing 101: you can't promote yourself if you can't say your name.

I guess it's truly punk in that sense. However, if it's so punk keep the name on homemade flyers and bumper stickers and not on someone else's corporate web site owned by Murdoch.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous cisco said...

Just look at They took down GADS of stuff! It's unbelievable. As a professional at COLT Studio, I can tell you, they really tried to work us over with the new 2257 laws. The repugnicans.

I tell you!!!

2:13 PM  

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