Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Last Quarter 2007

No longer in relationship. Ended in Oct.

Turned 40 on Oct 12. Was very non-monumental. But thanks to Ray & Albert & Ray's friend for sharing tapas with me.

Moped. The relationship not working and turning 40 definitely pushes one into Morrissey & Patsy Cline territory.

Let my mom move into my spare bedroom. very weird. But I always have dinner when I come home from work. Yummy.

Ran into Aja after YEARS! And she still is motherfuckin fabulous!!!

Saw Miss Tisa read from a thought-provoking book. I needed that as the most stimulation I've given the brain is Thor fighting Loki in Marvel comics.

Saw Van Halen in Sacramento and Oakland. same setlist, but very different shows. Highlights: Romeo Delight & Panama.

Saw Deborah Harry at the Fillmore. Also saw all the Deb heads I've met at local Blondie shows. The new stuff sounds so much better live than the studio versions.

My sister got me the James Bond DVD collection for Christmas. I love Bond movies and was a nice present to get since I stayed home because I worked on Christmas Eve and had to be at work at 8am day after Christmas, plus I was on call.

It's been a year for band reunions/reformations. Van Halen back with Diamond Dave. The Police. And down in Australia, Divinyls! (Thanks to Frank K for getting me copies of the new songs not released here in the States.)

And god bless youtube!


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