Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wondercon 2008

Note: Image of Justin Hall courtesy of

Not really much to say since things get posted online live these days. And i forgot my camera both days.


Ran into my friend Bill. Walked the floor looking for bootleg DVDs, specifically concerts, but none to be found. Bill bought up a Wonder Woman doll and some trade paperbacks. I just bought a red Wonder Woman shirt and the Wondercon shirt.

Sat in on the Darwyn Cooke panel and the DC Nation panel. Next to me was a guy who creeped me out; he had a freakish scary energy. But he's the one who coined "Goddamn Tiny Titans."

From Comic Book Resources:
"There was some laughter at a fan's comment that he would buy “every goddamn issue” of “Tiny Titans.” DiDio joked that “Goddamn Tiny Titans” was the original title of the series."


Looked to see if new DVD vendors showed. Nada.

Ran into Bill again and walked with him as he snapped pics of people. My fave was a baby dressed as Yoda.

Went to the Prism Comics Booth and met Justin Hall. Bought his Glamazonia & Only in San Francisco "chapbooks," which he signed. Then went to the "Prism Comics Presents: Emerging LGBT Voices" panel. It was interesting and packed. Not too sure on Patty Jeres' moderating skills though. At the very end when it was opened to questions someone decided to start with an anecdotal tale of himself before getting to any form of question. I HATE THAT!!! Grrr. Then the next question I know people say there are no stupid questions, but...this guy askes "What do you think of the Furry Community" or something along those lines. Dude, it's a comic convention not a self-validation panel. yeesh. Then my friend Bill closed it with a question that brought it back to the creators.

Went to the DC Universe panel. Bill noted that J. Michael Straczynski was in the front row talking to DC's Jann Jones. "I bet they're gonna announce a project here," Bill said to me. They didn't announce a specific project, but they did welcome him on board. Nothing really much to report that isn't posted on Newsarama or Comic Book Resources. Judd Winnick still irks me. And the room was freezing.

Back out on the floor, introduced myself to a fellow member of the GLA. We live in the same city and have been in same room for panels, but have never officially met.


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Yeah, I remember you, too.

Bob Wayne didn't appreciate my comment very much, methinks.

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