Saturday, April 19, 2008

Was I dreaming of Hell?

Had a weird dream of walking around some sort of subterranean city. Lots of stone edifices and arches. at times it seems like under a freeway offramp. I was looking for a new apartment, but not finding anything. I'm singing Morrissey's "Everyday is Like Sunday" out loud as no one else is around. I finally park it in an archway, and unpacked my magenta joop duffle back. I unzip the bag on a picnic table that suddenly appears. Meanwhile some guy comes up, and wants to crash too. It was one of ex roomie Cashman's friends I had a crush on way back when. For the life of me I can't remember his name even though we saw What's Love Got To Do With It together. He says he'll sleep on the ground. I tell him: "No shit, nigga. I ain't giving up the table." I hear my parents on the other side of the wall laugh when they hear me say that. Then I look down in my bag and metallic spiders are just crawling out of it. I start crushing them, stomping on them. "They're like nano-bots," I say. Me and Mark(?) run out and are now in an apartment with shag rug. I see bugs (beetles and roaches) running around. Mark has now been replaced with my sister and we both are stomping on bugs. Then I woke up.

Why do I think I dreamt of Hell? I was underground being tortured by bugs, but also my parents were together as a couple.


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