Thursday, June 26, 2008

happy erick arguello night

Last night I went to my 2nd Pride event. The first was a reading by Emanuel Xavier at the San Francisco Public Library.

But last night was very interesting to me. I've been to very few Aguilas events since I left the Board to start up Latin Hustle with Jaime Cortez and Al Lujan. last night was a celebration of Erick Arguello, AGUILAS/El Ambiente's Volunteer Coordinator, who was named a Community Grand Marshall for Pride. I only knew a handful of folks there [Jorge & Bf, Antonio, Erick, John], but the majority were new faces to me and a wide range of ages. Also heartening to see was the inclusion of women and transgendered folks. For me that is queer utopia, something I only found in the hey-day of the late Proyecto ContraSIDA por Vida.

I think the other thing that struck me was the drag show, which was more like gender-f--k show. the performers were in drag, wore dresses and make up, but they kept their facial hair. The older performer had an androgynous but masculine lean; the MC was comedic and scruffy, and her too large shoes added to the faulty glamor; the third performer looked like a non-tattooed Dave Navarro and I just found him hot stamping around in his Spanish stompin shoes and waving his collapsable fan.

I ended up winning a pair of tix to the frameline fest, but it was for today at 1pm and I'm a workin fella. I gave the tix to my mom since the movie included indigenous characters and she digs that.

ok back to work.


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