Wednesday, February 08, 2006

what up?

so much has and hasn't been going on. i can't seem to drag myself out the house except for work and to see juve. i've skipped things i want to see at galeria cuz i just don't want to leave the casa after it gets dark. netflix has become my friend, as well as the dvr.

work-wise, things have taken an interesting turn. my company was acquired by nasdaq. so as of now i'm a nasdaq employee. so far it all looks good. i just find it ironic that i've been so anti-corporate and now i'm employed by nasdaq. on the plus side, i still don't have to wear a tie.

i also got my stock options paid out. my first act was to buy the last 2 volumes of the all star comics archives. then when my check cleared the next morn, i paid off my credit card. now i have $$ for the san diego comic-con, plus a trip to vegas with juve.


Anonymous Stephen said...

NETFLIX! I want that so bad. Is it worth the monthly fees?

I would say congrats on the whole "being a NASDAQ employee" thing, but I'm unemployed at the moment, so I'm kinda jealous.. :\

Oh, and comics?! The only comic I really enjoyed were the Teen Titans, but that is only recently because of the Cartoon watch any of them on the channel or are you a total nostalgic (sp?) kinda guy and offended at the fact that comic characters are turned over by japanese-esque animation?

7:30 PM  

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