Friday, April 28, 2006

Queer Latino Rally Coverage

So Thursday is Fag Rag day, the day the 2 weekly gay newspapers come out in San Francisco. In my case, my cafe gets one on thurs & the other on Fri. So I see the Bay Area Reporter has a cover story on the Queer Latino anti-racism rally in the Castro, which burst into flames yesterday, and who do they have as the main picture with the story? Supervisor Tom Ammiano, with latinos in the background. Yes, they interviewed a few people at the Queer Latino/as Against Ignorance and Discrimination event,an "Evening of Protest and Education." And out of the 11 people quoted in the piece, 7 were Latino. But couldn't they have at least shown one of them??? Jeez. I'm just glad it wasn't a pic of Bevan Dufty, whom the BAR always focuses on, granted he is the Castro Supervisor.

The best thing about the article is that my friend Ray "Coco Lopez" Ferrer closes it out. She always has to headline!


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