Thursday, March 09, 2006

obligatory american idol post

chat between me and my sister:

Elsand: peter brady has to go
Sister: yep
Elsand: n taylor hicks
Elsand: he needs to quit "acing black" n get his own voice
Elsand: that is, the ray charles impersonation can only go so far
Sister: i like taylor
Sister: chris is my favorite
Sister: and i like ace
Sister: peter brady and harry potter got to go
Sister: i can't believe peter brady attempted marvin gaye!
Sister: :-$
Elsand: taylor was next on my list
Sister: gideon is next on my list
Elsand: but peter b was so out of touch with the song and its heart n soul
Elsand: gideon has a great classic voice
Elsand: but gideon is scary
Sister: yeah...i don't like to look at gideon...but he has a nice voice
Elsand: hmm
Elsand: gideon also needs humble pie so i do hope he gets voted off
Sister: yeah...that guy...the one w/ the bad teeth and ears....but great voice
Sister: i worry his performance may get him voted off
Sister: elliott
Elsand: yeah he wasn't bad last night just not good
Sister: yeah....bad song choice
Sister: matt's [her fiance] freakin out that you want taylor voted out
Elsand: ha ha
Sister: Matt: he like chicken little better?
Elsand: i want taylor to quit acting like ray charles
Elsand: chicken little has a reedy voice for ballads n folk songs...but its his
Elsand: taylor does imitations
Sister: yeah
Sister: i liked him doing doobie brothers
Elsand: imitating michael mcdonald...
Elsand: it just wasn't tylor, it was a michael imitation
Sister: he has that kind of voice
Sister: i liked ace's song
Sister: the MJ song
Sister: i was surprised
Elsand: i thought he lost it it when he went into falsetto
Sister: yeah...i noticed that too
Sister: but i liked it
Elsand: about midway through it lost the sexy soulful quality n became strained
Sister: yep!
Sister: but as simon's people can over look it
Sister: (they only notice the pretty boy face)
Elsand: so tonight bye bye chicken little n gideon, n kinnick n rocker chick
Sister: matt says...there's ace with his target t-shirts
Sister: lol
Elsand: ace bores me because he's a pretty face
Sister: yeah...kinnik is gone
Elsand: kinnik started good...and i thought yes yes she's gonna redeem herself...but then she went sooo sharp n i just waved bye bye
Sister: yep
Elsand: rocker chick did heart ok, until it came for the longing/yearning scream/plea
Elsand: she lost the soul of the song n was just screaming "aloooooneee"
Sister: yeah


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