Monday, March 06, 2006

Gay sour grapes.

I'm surprised at the outright racism of some blog responses to Crash winning over Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture Oscar. (And yet I know I shouldn't be.)

Some of the commentary around Crash and even the Best Song winner just reminds me why I avoid areas like the Castro. Case in point:

"The only people who have embraced Crash are people who aren't very intelligent; or have been victims of racism" Hmmm so people who experience racism aren't very intelligent?

"'somewhere in that vast world tonight - a hip hop loving/writing gay (black, brown, white, red or yellow) boy gets to dream a bigger dream.' Well, let him keep jacking off [that does sound like a smokin' menage] until he's mature enough to realize that "hip hop" is just another name for Rap Crap and can write some actual melodies with creative lyrics... African Americans have contributed tons of brilliant, original, timeless music to the world's culture, but the success of hip hop/rap crap is but the result of the lowest commmon denominators guilt-tripping and bullying their way into the recording industry ..."

I'm also trippin on the argument that the Academy played it safe by picking a movie that deals with racism. Will someone please let me know when racism became safe?? Is it because we acknowledge it or ignore it or both? I just don't get it.

Humanity ultimately depresses me. The gay community makes me ill.


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