Wednesday, July 30, 2008

San Diego 2008

Scootin off to San Diego was a bit more hectic this year. First off, I left a couple fires at work that couldn't be resolved that night. secondly, at SFO a security guard detained me because I didn't look like my photo ID. My license photo was taken over 12 years ago. Not my fault DMV has just sent me a new license without having me take a new photo over those years.

After another security person verified I was me, I headed over to the SouthWest terminal. There were a lot of comic geeks of them was fine as hell. rican? Anyhoo...the 6pm flight was packed...I had hoped to get on it instead of my 7pm flight. But glad I went on my originally scheduled flight as me and a business woman sat in back with no one between us.

As always, I slept through most of the flight. After landing, and getting off last, I headed to baggage claim. My bag was the third to pop out the chute, so I grabbed it and headed to the taxi area. There was no line and I was at the hotel in 10 minutes.

First thing I noticed, it was not as hot and humid as last year.

This year I booked a room at the San Diego Marriot Marina. Not cheap but convenient as it's connected to the convention center. While there I saw various comic industry professionals as well as Brian Poesehn and Patton Oswalt.

Unfortunately my friend Pete had to bail. he initially was gonna crash in the room on Thursday, but a bad traffic accident prevented him from getting to SD from the OC.

My friend Brian made it though. The pics peppered throughout are his. we grabbed a late dinner at one of the hotel restaurants; all the staff were in comic book t-shirts.

The next morning I actually worked a bit. Earnings season is busy for us, and we're currently understaffed with a team member on a LOA. After that we were off to get tacos at the taco stand Pete always takes me to in Hillcrest. We had to Yelp it to find it.

After eating we hit a record shop, and then Brian used his iPhone GPS to get us to seaWorld. The same iPhone would lead us to In-N_Out Burger later. We watched seals, penguins n puffins, a dog show aimed at kids.

By the end of the day I was wiped out.

On Sat I mainly walked the floor until my feets hated me. I bought the
new Prism Guide from Prism Comics and picked up a postcard for the upcoming hardcover Buck
Rogers collection.

I hit up 2 panels: the 50th anniversary of the Legion of Super-Heroes and Prism's Emerging LGBT Artists. For the Prism panel, I thought Zan was a better moderator than Patty Jeres, who facilitated a similar panel at Wonder-Con.

By day's end, I was too tired to attend the annual LGBT panel and the mixer after. Brian and I grabbed dinner at Roy's and back in our room I popped a Vicodin that put me at ease.

Sunday morning, Brian left and I ventured out to the convention center on my own. I bought the first 2 issues of shirtlifter, and was told that
Steve MacIsaac, the creator, was at the next booth and got them signed. I'm usually
not the star-struck kind, but damn he is fine! And friendly too!

i also got an autographed picture from Erin Grey from the Buck Rogers TV
series. She was real sweet and gracious. I just missed Katey Segal &
Lindsey Wagner.

Oh yeah and I already pre-registered for next year. That line was huge too. I'm already rarein to go!


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