Thursday, September 18, 2008

Still undecided in D9

So far the field has been narrowed down for me to David Campos and Eric Quezada, with a slight leaning towards Campos.

Eva Royale disqualified herself cuz of this. I stand by my comment: "Eva's coming forward in a big press conference with her posters plastered around her at her press conference had NOTHING to do with being an outstanding citizen pointing out injustice, it ONLY was a ploy to make her Supervisorial bid public. Eva is irrelevant for the future despite her past accomplishments. C'mon Dolores Huerta (whom she had with her) does NOT speak for modern day Latinos."

Mark Sanchez proved he doesn't fully get it and pulled a bitch move in my book. See here By effectively dismantling the incentive for JROTC, which despite queer folks opinion on the military, Sanchez really screwed over kids of color and at-risk youth by not offering any alternative program. (ironically,m the few folks I know who were in JROTC all eventually came out as kweer adults.)

Eric Storey just gives me bad vibes. I'm hippie that way.


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