Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The debate 2 quick thoughts

just a few quick thoughts:

When McCain addressed the young black man, he said "You may have not of heard of Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae before today." Why would he assume that??? And would he have answered that way if the question came from a person of non-color?

My mom had a conniption fit when she heard McCain call Obama "that one." her mouth dropped and she just repeated "that's not right, that's disrespectful." It made me think of 2 things: "That Girl," although McCain didn't mean it in a positive light; and the scene from Trading Places where Dan Akroyd getting bailed out of jail bellows "That man tried to have sex with me!"

Sorry. No deep political thought here, just rambling before heading out to work.

oh yeah, moment that made me sing the chorus of Pat Benatar's "Out of Touch": a woman asks a question about being green and green initiatives. McCain then talks about nuclear energy?????!!!!! WTF Last I remembered nuclear power was the opposite of green.


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