Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 update

Ok, first the bad news. I have been in pain for like nearly 2 months. Doc believes it's a pulled tendon and not broken bone as I can step down n walk, but it's really sore around the knee and hip, which is better than through the whole thigh like it was when it started.

Been working a lot from home, although I came into the office today.

The sucky thing is I have not been social (aside from visits from the bf) or been out to readings, movies, parties etc.

Jaime C. did pop in for a visit initially, showing off his new toy by a artist homeboy he knew I'd drool over.

Been netflixin like mad. Been watching the Three Stooges. The 3S jones came outta nowhere, then my mom reminded me that my grandpa had died the week I started jonesin. I'm named after him and when I'd stay the weekend with mis abuelos, he & I would watch the Stooges & Popeye. Other cartoons were cochinadas to him.

Lessee what are other things to tell to keep you up to date? Saw the Labelle reunion tour at the Oakland Paramount. Went with Sam & Jaime, we were right near the stage. It's always a religious experience to me when I hear big voices. Patti was bratty, Sarah was a Lady, and Nona was CRAZY!

Actually saw old ACT UP friends at a party earlier in the year. It was great to see them and hear what they're up to today!

Haven't watched baseball too much this season.

The other thing I been doin is reading Golden Age DC Comics. So far been reading Adventure Comics, Detective Comics & Flash Comics. Most the art is stank except for a few who have great style: Bob Kane, Bernard Bailey & Sheldon Moldoff. I've been diggin the Slam Bradley, Hourman, Sandman & Hawkman strips.

well, that's it for now!


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