Sunday, November 30, 2008

first notes

arrived in guadalajara yesterday. took a direct flight from san jose, ca. mexicana airlines seems very southwest except with assigned seats. juve n i looked to see if we could get seats together. at first the counterperson said no, but then as we boarded she called us over and said 3 people cancelled, so we got a row of seats to ourselves. best airline food i´¨ve ever had too: enchiladas. washed down with a coke and a coffee.

at the guadalajara airport, we got through customs. and juve just kept bookin so didn´t hit the atm or cambio place. [which was a mistake cuz our hotel has no atm, n when i finally hit one today saw the numbers didn´t have letters. I memorized the letters of my PIN not the numbers grrr] We grabbed a cab, and jue was not expecting to tip a guy who carried our bags to the cab. an unnecessary job, but oh well. turns out we´re not in downtown G [el Centro] but Chapalita.

We were both pretty zonked but grabbed dinner in the hotel. Boneless Buffulo Wings which were unbreaded and covered in a mole sauce. I had a burger, he had a steak.

After we just went back to our room, while he tried locating his co-workers to determine their agenda for the ALA conference.

Not much around our hotel, I walked around today.

I have 200 pesos Juve left me, tomorrow I´ll be more brave and grab a cab to el Centro. tonight I´ll figure out the numeric equivalent of my PIN and grab some cash.


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