Monday, August 21, 2006

new meds

so last week i started a new arthritis med: remicade. it's done by infusion so i go into the dr's office, and get hooked up to an IV. Before they start hooking you up, they slip you a benadryl and tylenol to combat the side-effects. Apparently, people get hives at the injection site, so my Doc counteracts those with antihistamines. A nurse stays on duty and monitors blood pressure and temperature. was just the first treatment and most mes take a month before you really notice the benefits.

long beach pt 2

i had dinner with mario n mike on saturday in long beach. i know mike wanted to hit bear night at ripples, but i'm just so not into clubs and bars right now. we ended up having dinner n then chilling at a lesbian-owned cafe. just very low key.

and that was the whole weekend. matt said he felt guilty because he doesn't take me out when i visit. but i'm just not the touristy type, i like seeing how a real city functions, etc.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

long beach vacation

woke up thursday morn to the news of new terrorist alerts affecting air travel on thursday morn. Not the best news to hear on a travel day. thankfully I was only flying from Oakland to Long Beach. Left work early to get to Oakland airport way in advance for my 7pm flight. I checked in and que paso? Flight delayed 90 minutes. Apparently Oakland airport was plagued with probs that day from an early morning blackout, to delayed flights, to lines delayed by people still trying to bring in liquids n gels in their carryon, and the food vendors running out of food.

I had a non-dairy smoothy, but something musta been wrong cuz it upset my delicate nature and I was chorros city for a good 30 minutes. I guess I should be glad my flight was delayed.

Matt picked me up at the LB airport, and we went back to his place n chilled with his dogs and hubby Adam. Then we called it a night.

Friday, I just tagged along as Matt bought a camera. A $3000 camera! And he took pics of me later that night hee hee. I hate having my picture taken, but I get angry when the attempt is not made.

We also saw the new Robin Williams film, "the Night Listener;" it was pretty cool. I was glad it avoided cliches and didn't degenerate into another knockoff of "Play Misty For Me."

Friday night ended with us watching a boot copy of V for Vendetta. Looked great, but sound was low. Matt & Adam also inroduced me to the BBC's "Little Britain." Funny weird stuff.

Today has started off slow and I'm trying to coordinate with my friend Mario, who is in town from Houston visiting my friend Mike. They had gone off to Vagas and are back in town.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

catching up

So while in San Diego, I saw Kathy Griffin live with my friends Valentin & Bill. She had us dying. The crappy thing was that before the crowd from the first show let out (us), the staff started letting people in for the 2nd show, which caused lobby gridlock in humid weather. By the time we managed to squeeze out, I was driping wet with sweat.

One tragedy: Bill left his camera in a cab. =o(

On Sunday, my friend Pete, with who I attend comicCon, skipped Sunday and went to Hillcrest for coffee and then lunch. Afterwards, Pete ducked into RiteAid to use the lil boys room. While waiting for him I saw this old queen in a hideous not quite hawaiin floral print blouse come in. She asked a stock girl for help. The girl replied she didn't speak english. I was gonna step in and help, when Queen snapped "Why are you even working here!" He went on a mad dash in the aisles and again confronted stock girl: "They should fire you. you're useless HA HA." He walks away in disgust, then stops in front of me. Looks me up and down, and mutters: "They always come to California." At this point, I'm looking for a sharp object to embed in this disease bag's throat. But then Pete came out.

Later that night we had dinner with Pete's bf, and my friends Brian & Erika, and Erika's daughter. I had to remember to watch my language.

Back at home I saw Dave Chappelle again at the Punchline. The man is quick. Now I wish I had gone to the last Sunday night show as Mos def, Talib Kweli & De La Soul were in the audience.

Tomorrow I leave for Long Beach.

*A few folks have asked me why I don't mention work. Well, we have a no blogging policy. So all I'll say is I like my job and I aim to keep it.