Friday, November 17, 2006

bone scan

Made it to the clinic at 8:30 am to get a bone scan, and no one was in the room I was supposed to go in. The door was locked and lights out. I parked it in a chair and text-messaged my frustration to friends.

Just before 9 the tech came. She apologized and had me sit down while she prepped the radioactive solution they were going to inject.

the tech was a total sf athletic lezzie and i could imagine her enjoying volleyball and tennis and jogging.

"this is the hard part," she said before she put the needle in my vein.

"no," i replied, "the hard part will be taking the tape off my arm"

this made her giggle a bit.

I came back later in the day for the actual scan. i basically lied down on a platform and two screen things scanned my body from toe to head. it took about 30 minutes to complete, i was asleep after 2 minutes. i hope i didn't snore.

after it was done, i asked the tech if i could see the pics since i never saw one before. seeing my skeleton was trippy. the sad part was the shadow of a homer simpson body around it.

the tech sed "i'm not a dr so i'm not giving any advice but just by looking at this i see hot spots here n here n here"

And damn if they were the exact spots where i been hurtin! things the scan showed that an xray couldn't!

anyhoo, i see the sexy bear cub chilean dr the monday after thanksgiving for follow up.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

the end of the year is near

where to start?

october started out ok, turned 39 on the 12th. but then a week later, i started getting a weird pain in my hip that made it unbearable to walk. my initial thought was that i got a hairline fracture, which happens with me due to the hip replacement. but i spent a weekend in agony before getting in to see a doctor on monday afternoon. the doc gave me anti-inflamatories n had me take xrays. he alo gave me a referral to an orthopedist. this couldn't be happening at a worse time as at work we were entering our busy season and i need to be looking for an apt.

that wed i got in to see not an orthopedist, but a pain management/anesthesiologist. he sed my xrays showed no signes of breakage. he prescribed me a pain killer that would not make me loopy per my request. i still went in to work, but i was taking cabs to and from, which was not cheap. a week later, i was feeling significantly less pain. the doc sed that i definitely did not have bone damage otherwise my pain would not have subsided.

another week later and significantly less pain again. i even used BART to get to work. its not 100% better, but it is not excruciating.

in other news, i have to be cleared out of my apt by jan 31. i also got in touch with a mortgage officer to explore my viability in getting pre-approved for a home loan. she sent me an application, which i was hoping to get today, but i forgot its veteran's day.

tomorrow, i'm gonna try n have lunch with a friend, who lives in the area where i'm going to be looking at apartments tomorrow.