Sunday, March 26, 2006

just catchin up....

Saturday I woke up in a crappy mood. No rhyme, no reason, just a solid anti-social disposition. Unfortunately, I skipped a friend's 30th b-day bbq, for which I have to now apologize. I spent the day reading comics and watching DVDs.

Later that night I ordered Thai food. To prevent Ali Shiny Heiny (the cat) from running outside, which he's been doing lately, I went outside on the stoop, shutting the door behind me. I paid for my red duck curry, which i've ben craving all month, and turned to go in and realized I locked my ass out. After a brief panic and hunger attack, I remembered I didn't lock the back door because I kept letting the cat out. (He can go in backyards, but not in froint with speeding traffic.) My upstairs neighbor saved me from climbing up n down 2 flights of stairs by going out back n unlocking my door.


weird thing that happened this morning. Our door bell rang and my roommate answered the door.
BITCHY WOMAN AT DOOR: So where's the garage sale?
ROOMIE: Excuse me?
WOMAN: The garage sale here!
ROOMIE: There is no garage sale here.
WOMAN: This is 729, right?
ROOMIE: Where did you read there was a garage sale here?
WOMAN: Craigslist!

I looked on craigslist, and there was a garage sale listed on my street at 762. Poor bitch had a case of online dyslexia. She's also lucky my roommate answered the door and not me. I woulda thrown her attitude back at her. She disturbs our peace and has attitude about it???

Sunday, March 12, 2006

simple life

a few weeks ago an ex-roommate was in town. he teaches at a college in canada, and i hadn't seen him in awhile. in fact, i was unemployed last time he was in the area, so that makes it 2003. it was nice to catch up. and as a bonus he gave me a big bowl of homemade jambalaya mmmmm his cooking skills have not diminished.

friday night it snowed in san francisco! my roommate tore through the house and outside. i heard commotion on the stoop, and went out to see what all the hub bub was about. me n my upstairs neighbor took pics. my roommate chucked a snowball at me, but i ducked.

then saturday, it was sunny and warm. but turns out i left my wallet in my desk at work, so i had to go downtown and get it. but first i called a coworker in the hood to borrow his card key to get in the building. after getting my wallet i went n got this week's batch of comic books. i walked home which shot out my ankles. so the one thing i really wanted to do that day (see jaime in an artist talk at galeria), i couldn't.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

obligatory american idol post

chat between me and my sister:

Elsand: peter brady has to go
Sister: yep
Elsand: n taylor hicks
Elsand: he needs to quit "acing black" n get his own voice
Elsand: that is, the ray charles impersonation can only go so far
Sister: i like taylor
Sister: chris is my favorite
Sister: and i like ace
Sister: peter brady and harry potter got to go
Sister: i can't believe peter brady attempted marvin gaye!
Sister: :-$
Elsand: taylor was next on my list
Sister: gideon is next on my list
Elsand: but peter b was so out of touch with the song and its heart n soul
Elsand: gideon has a great classic voice
Elsand: but gideon is scary
Sister: yeah...i don't like to look at gideon...but he has a nice voice
Elsand: hmm
Elsand: gideon also needs humble pie so i do hope he gets voted off
Sister: yeah...that guy...the one w/ the bad teeth and ears....but great voice
Sister: i worry his performance may get him voted off
Sister: elliott
Elsand: yeah he wasn't bad last night just not good
Sister: yeah....bad song choice
Sister: matt's [her fiance] freakin out that you want taylor voted out
Elsand: ha ha
Sister: Matt: he like chicken little better?
Elsand: i want taylor to quit acting like ray charles
Elsand: chicken little has a reedy voice for ballads n folk songs...but its his
Elsand: taylor does imitations
Sister: yeah
Sister: i liked him doing doobie brothers
Elsand: imitating michael mcdonald...
Elsand: it just wasn't tylor, it was a michael imitation
Sister: he has that kind of voice
Sister: i liked ace's song
Sister: the MJ song
Sister: i was surprised
Elsand: i thought he lost it it when he went into falsetto
Sister: yeah...i noticed that too
Sister: but i liked it
Elsand: about midway through it lost the sexy soulful quality n became strained
Sister: yep!
Sister: but as simon's people can over look it
Sister: (they only notice the pretty boy face)
Elsand: so tonight bye bye chicken little n gideon, n kinnick n rocker chick
Sister: matt says...there's ace with his target t-shirts
Sister: lol
Elsand: ace bores me because he's a pretty face
Sister: yeah...kinnik is gone
Elsand: kinnik started good...and i thought yes yes she's gonna redeem herself...but then she went sooo sharp n i just waved bye bye
Sister: yep
Elsand: rocker chick did heart ok, until it came for the longing/yearning scream/plea
Elsand: she lost the soul of the song n was just screaming "aloooooneee"
Sister: yeah

Monday, March 06, 2006

Gay sour grapes.

I'm surprised at the outright racism of some blog responses to Crash winning over Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture Oscar. (And yet I know I shouldn't be.)

Some of the commentary around Crash and even the Best Song winner just reminds me why I avoid areas like the Castro. Case in point:

"The only people who have embraced Crash are people who aren't very intelligent; or have been victims of racism" Hmmm so people who experience racism aren't very intelligent?

"'somewhere in that vast world tonight - a hip hop loving/writing gay (black, brown, white, red or yellow) boy gets to dream a bigger dream.' Well, let him keep jacking off [that does sound like a smokin' menage] until he's mature enough to realize that "hip hop" is just another name for Rap Crap and can write some actual melodies with creative lyrics... African Americans have contributed tons of brilliant, original, timeless music to the world's culture, but the success of hip hop/rap crap is but the result of the lowest commmon denominators guilt-tripping and bullying their way into the recording industry ..."

I'm also trippin on the argument that the Academy played it safe by picking a movie that deals with racism. Will someone please let me know when racism became safe?? Is it because we acknowledge it or ignore it or both? I just don't get it.

Humanity ultimately depresses me. The gay community makes me ill.