Wednesday, March 28, 2007

laundry outsourcing

I started doing laundry last Saturday. I've been spoiled. At the old apartment James and I had our own washer/dryer; so it wasn't uncommon for us to start a load one day, finish it the next day, and then pick our clothes out the dryer through the week. After a few years of being married by rent control, we even mixed our piles of clothes together and did them all together.

But here in the new place, Everett and I share one washer/dryer with 2 other units. And it's coin-operated. So that along with the fact I hate to do laundry, I got a bug up my azz and looked online for any Wash/Fold services in my neighborhood. Through that I wondered "hey, I get groceries and Chinese food delivered. I wonder if there's a laundry service like that?" Lo and behold, I discovered a handful of places. I read reviews on unaffiliated websites like Yelp!, etc and picked Alabaster Cleaners because the reviews were great and they had after-work hours.

Monday morning I put in an order for a pick up that night, and delivery the next day. I separated my laundry by wash & fold and a few items as Wash & Press. For Wash & Press I had my button up shirts -- I even threw in a few non-dirty but wrinkled-as-hell ones-- and 2 sheet sets. Getting the ironed sheet sets back was nice, but expensive. i'll do them as regular Wash & fold next time and see how they come out.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Yes, I watch Idol!

Ok, watching Melinda Doolittle each week on American Idol is like watching that scene in Whats Love Got to Do With It where Anna Mae Bullock becomes Tina after Ike Turner first hands her the mic!!